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By selling premium homecare products

We help retailers differentiate from the big supermarkets and earn more money by selling unique and premium natural homecare products with probiotics

We are taking in new partners across Europe

With sweet margins and a product that your customers will love - we offer an opportunity for you to broaden your product range and easily add extra revenue. 

All with an ease of doing business like never before - small minimum quantities, fast shipments, convenient ordering system, full-on marketing support and much more!

Products that make an impact on the bottom line

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See for yourself what just 0,1 m2 of extra space can do for your business. 










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So, how would this work exactly?

The first step is as hopping on a short introductory call with us.


Get in touch with our representative

By signing up for a quick 15 min. video call, where we will get to know each other, show you around, register you as a possible retailer and answer any of your questions.


Log into your retailer portal to get your First batch

During the 15 min. introductory video call we make an account for you to enter our partner portal, where you can make orders in small quantities in a minute or less.


Start selling and making more money

We will do our part in helping with a vast library of free marketing material, video seminars for your sales people and other goodies.


Contact support staff if anything is needed

We will be here for you to answer any questions or help with any roadblocks you may encounter on your journey selling our products.

Introducing the PROBIOTIC CRAFT collection

Natural, yet effective

Homecare products that work like magic

After more than 3 years of development, we started a new era of natural homecare products with Probiotic Craft collection.

We’ve searched, selected and tested over half a thousand of the finest raw natural materials. Together with a team of scientists and doctors, more than 400 different product prototypes were created - all with the goal to create natural, planet and health-friendly homecare products that work just as well or better than their counterparts.

After years of rigorous testing, the Probiotic CRAFT collection was born and released for production under a patented technology.

Made from natural and luxury materials, that are all Ecocert certified, distributed in 100% recycled PET bottles and manufactured under rigid quality control and ISO standards - these products are truly top of the range.

Hyaluronic acid, seawater and sea salt, lotus extract, hazelnut oil - PROBIOTIC CRAFT products are enriched with the best nature can offer.

We made sure our partners can be proud to sell our products.

Anti-leakage and stylish caps

Highly functional and stylish caps to make sure there's never a leakage.

Effective and 98-99.9% natural formulas

Made from mostly natural and Ecocert certified materials, blended into a formula that works like magic.

100% Recycled PET bottles

Environment friendly inside and out - 100% recycled PET bottles.


Study after study and customer review after customer review - the feedback we get that our hard work in creating natural homecare products has paid off. 

Did you know, that 91% of mothers who try our products love them and buy them again?

Or that Probiotic CRAFT is a finalist of the 2022 Natural & Organic Awards Europe amongst the best new eco living products?

Natural no longer means ineffective. Feel confident selling natural homecare products to your clients and make sure they will keep coming back for more.

Created in collaboration with renowned doctors

Our homes are where we spend most of our time - up to 65-70% according to most studies. So it's critical, that we live not only in a clean but also in a health-friendly environment.

With help from renowned European doctors and researchers involved in the development process, we made sure that we offer a product that our partners can sell with a sense of pride and certainty.

PhD, Researcher, General pediatrician, Pediatric – Pulmonologist - Allergologist and the owner of pediatric clinics network ,,Mama, I‘m ill“

Indre Plestyte - Butiene

Lead doctor and advisor

Probiotic CRAFT collection products are unique because they make the environment clean, safe and healthy at the same time. It’s been a privilege to be involved in the development of these wonderful products.

Probiotics - key to a healthier home

Using regular household products:

  • Bad bacteria prevail.
  • Favorable conditions to develop allergies.
  • Increased risk of diseases.

Using PROBIOTIC CRAFT household products:

  • Good bacteria prevail.
  • Reduced risk of allergies and diseases.
  • Clean and healthy home environment.
    Scientifically proven benefits.
Start earning more from your business

Get in touch with our representative now

Minimum order is only 36 units


Small minimum quantities

No need to stock up and "freeze" valuable cash flow - working with us our minimum batches are as small as 36 units total, that You can fill up with different products. Ordering a restock takes under a minute, and new goods are always available within 3-5 working days at your location.



To start

There's simply no reason to say ”no" to trying our CRAFT risk-free guarantee. If you don't manage to sell your first minimum batch of 36 products within 60 days, we will take the remaining products from you and give your money back.

NEW category

Easy to add

To Your current Product range

As a relatively new category, natural homecare products are easy and convenient to add to your current product lineup, so it becomes a good extra income stream without taking sales away from other categories. And you only really need as little as 0,1 m2 of free space to start.

Fast and hassle-free ordering

Simple and convenient partner portal

No unnecessary phone calls or emails

We value your time

Running a business is stressful enough and we understand that your day is fully booked. So we created a system where placing an order to restock at your location is as simple as pressing a couple of buttons.

Intuitive, simple, straight to the point, with pre-saved information for invoices and other functions to make your life working with us easy.

Full library

Of free marketing materials

Our designers and marketing specialists are working around the clock to constantly upload new marketing materials to our free library for you to use on your social media, physical locations and webpages.

We also provide lists of sales arguments for our products, full marketing pitches and much more.

Whitelabel your products

Putting your own label on our products is as simple as ticking a checkbox in our order system. Just send your design to our support staff so we enable the whitelabel option for your retailer account. And that's it!

All the benefits like small minimum quantities and others remain! We even give extra benefits such as professional product pictures with your new label on our products so you can use them straight away for marketing and sales.

Let's talk!

Sign up for a quick 15 min. introductory video call now

Our friendly and professional team is ready to show you around, provide more information on becoming a partner and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us

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Not quite ready yet?

Frequently asked questions

Will the labels be in my countries language?

Yes! The product You receive will be in Your country's language or the language mix You prefer to have.

Why are there warnings on the back of the labels? Aren't these supposed to be super safe?

They are! We strictly follow EU law, which doesn't take into account the actual ingridients and overal make up of the products, but has warning sign regulations based on product category as a whole.

It is something that all homecare products have to put on - no matter how natural, safe or great they are.

Do You offer private label as well as white label?

We only offer white label option for our products and we do not work with custom formula requests.

Do You offer trainings on the product and how to sell it?

Yes! Inside the partner portal You will find video trainings, USP lists and much more to help You and Your staff sell our products with confidence.

What are the retail prices of Your products?

Since our whole business model is to have a network of happy and profitable partners, we do not disclose retail prices publicly, but they are shown inside the partner portal and discussed in the introductory call.

How much should the prices of Your products be for customers?

According to our market research for natural homecare products - most EU markets should sell our product range between 15 to 20 euros per unit on average. 

We trust You to know Your market, situation and customer base best.

Do I need any special warrants or licenses to sell homecare products?

No! You only need to have product safety data sheets in case one of Your customers ask for them. 

We provide them in our partner portal for You to download when/if You need them.

What if something goes wrong?

Our support staff is on standby and ready to help. Rest assure, that if something ever goes wrong - we are here to help fix the situation. 

A long road that led to a patented technology

Group of scientists turned manufacturers

ProBioSanus company was founded over a decade ago in 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania and started working on developing natural and effective homecare products with probiotics.

In 2014 a laboratory of chemistry and microbiology was established with a group of scientists working together to make our vision a reality.

After years of persistence - a patented technology was achieved and the very first collections of natural homecare products with probiotics were created.

Now, after many improvements and ground breaking discoveries along the way, we are proud to present our products in the homecare niche for partners to sell. And we constantly work on ways to not only developed fantastic products, but also make our partners lives selling those products as easy as possible.

It all started with a group of scientists working hard on an idea, that seemed impossible at the time...
Start earning more money from your business

By selling natural homecare products

Partner with us and gain substantial extra revenues from products you can be proud to sell